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    Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
    4:32 pm
    The Upcoming NaNoWriMo
    NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month (

    It lasts the entire month of November. It's coming up quickly: November is just around the corner. It's a mad rush to put down as many words as you can as quickly as you can in an effort to write one entire novel in just 31 days. True, it's a short novel, but they're still calling it a novel. That's right, I'm gonna write. Or at least try!

    Do I think I can come up with 50,000 words in a month? I highly doubt it. Am I willing to give it a shot? Heck yes! As with this journaling, I see it as a way to get myself back into the creative writing I used to enjoy. I don't know if any of it will ever see the light of day, but I want to try and get my 'creative juices flowing again.'

    We'll see what comes of it. I'm going to try and encourage a couple friends to join me in the endeavor. I'm willing to bet Quick can put out at least that many words in a month, though I don't know if he's ever officially participated in NaNoWriMo. I know Eric used to participate, so I'll have to get in touch with him and see if he's doing it this year again. Sarah, do you NaNoWriMo? Would you be willing to give it a try?

    If you'd like to be my 'writing buddy' look me up. I could use the encouragement of knowing someone's working away at the same time as me! My username is Lumeth and I've got myself listed in the Indianapolis area. Come find me and join me for this wild ride... let's see how far we can go!

    Current Mood: thoughtful
    Thursday, March 26th, 2009
    7:25 pm
    Test Post

    Originally uploaded by Lady Stray

    This is actually sort of a test post. I'm mostly curious to see what will happen when I try to blog FROM the Flickr site. I supposedly have my LiveJournal and Flickr accounts connected now, so let's see what happens! Then I'll have to flip over to Facebook to see if it mentioned anything about me updating Flickr. I like the interlinking of accounts... now I just need to keep info and security consistent between them all. Yeah, right!

    I haven't posted in forever, have I. I should fix that problem. Anywho, catch y'all laterz!

    Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
    1:15 pm
    I saw...
    Sure, i was only streaming the media via a computer, but I saw! I do hope work will excuse me this, because it was a bit of history in the making and I wanted to be a part of it in whatever small way I could.

    Our 44th president has taken office and will be working to turn things around. He filled our ears with confident words and awoke a small ray of hope within my heart. I hope he's done the same for you.

    Let's see where we go next.

    Current Mood: hopeful for the future
    Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
    2:03 pm
    Sad News
    Just a brief note.

    Yesterday morning, before I left for work, my mother called me. My grandfather, Kenneth Long, passed away yesterday in the early hours of the morning.

    I don't know how to say what floats around in my head when I think of him. Love... laughter... family... those might be the closest. But it only scratches the surface. His smile burns bright in my thoughts. All I know to do is to hold on to those thoughts and the happy memories.

    Grandpa, i miss you.
    Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
    6:27 pm
    Ok. It's long past time for SOME sort of update as the info I passed on to you was incorrect. Not by my doing, however. My husband apparently was very careful about how he worded his response to my query. TranslationCollapse )

    Anyhow, on other fronts: We attended 2 separate Renaissance Festivals over the course of 3 weekends this year. Spent one weekend at the Ohio Renaissance Festival... got kicked out an hour and a half before closing on the second day due to a huge wind storm... and was given free tickets to come back another weekend. Went to the Fishers Renaissance Faire in between the two separate visits to the ORF. Fishers is growing, but still isn't as big as the ORF. Still want to go to Bristol one of these years. Happily, though, the ORF got the Limeybirds to perform this year! What bawdy fun!

    Found a new craft to fascinate me. Tablet Weaving (aka Card Weaving)... we'll see how long THIS obsession lasts. So far I'm having fun, and it's one of the cheaper crafts I've taken up. For the cost of a set of cheap playing cards and a bunch of string/yarn, you can make some pretty nifty woven bands!

    Oh, yeah, and I chopped my hair. It's 12 inches shorter than it used to be, but everyone keeps saying "It's still long" so... I guess I didn't get as much cut off as I thought. Though most people seem to think it looks ok. I have no clue how to style it properly... I'm sticking with the 'brush it out and pull it back' method most days. Occasionally I leave it down now, though. It certainly doesn't get in my way NEARLY as often as it used to. Beo's been griping that it's shorter than his now, which makes him self-conscious apparently.

    Work continues to go well, though I'm feeling the strain of the smaller paycheck these days. I love working part-time hours, but I miss the full-time paychecks! Tonight Beo should get his first pay-stub and we can begin organizing/budgeting/listing-expenses in preparation for speaking to the Mortgage Broker... DadadaDUNNNNN! Let the house-hunting... BEGIN!

    Ok, here's the part where I mumble about rambling and suddenly stop writing. I think this is more than enough for an update. Still waiting to hear from folksies about Halloweeeeeen though! I think I've gotten more/better responses from out-of-staters than anyone, this year. (Speakin' of, a bunch of us are headin' up to the cabin to decorate this coming weekend...)


    Current Mood: odd
    Thursday, September 25th, 2008
    4:58 pm
    Movie News --

    Quotes from the CNN news story i was reading:

    "The Walt Disney Co. wowed an industry crowd Wednesday in a showcase of its upcoming films that included a sequel to its 1982 sci-fi flick "Tron".... ...A brief snippet from "Tron 2" featured a louder, crisper and more thrilling bike race and a cameo of an older Jeff Bridges, who starred in the original version."

    But far more importantly in my book:

    "Depp, who received top billing for the role of Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, will also play the Mad Hatter in a Tim Burton remake of "Alice in Wonderland.""


    Current Mood: chipper
    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
    10:09 pm
    News I've been waiting to hear...
    Good news, all!

    For those of you who don't know, my handsome man and I have been separated since May. Not by choice, admittedly. The story is thus... we decided I should go back to school to get my Masters. There are only two places in the state to do that, and both were 3+ hours south of us. Soooooo, we decided to move. The move would put us closer to his parents (and sister), let me go back to school, and allow him to work on a schedule that would give us our evenings back. Good reasons, in my opinion.

    So the dear man insisted I start job hunting first. I found a job reasonably quickly. He figured it'd only take him two, maybe three weeks to transfer his job to Indy after I started my new one. Whoops.

    He's been applying and interviewing since we found out I had my position in May. One thing after another kept him from getting the positions he wanted. I've been missing him like crazy and we're back to living like we were when we started dating.... seeing each other on weekends only with a 6+ hour round-trip. Not as easy with gas prices these days!

    Sunday he told me the good news. One of his interviews has finally led to a job. The amusing part was... it was an interview he thought he'd bombed! It's a step up in the company for him which is wonderful. It will hopefully help us with the next step in our plans -- buying a house of our own!

    So... as of October 18th, Beo will be joining me in Indy! Huzzah!

    Current Mood: happy
    Friday, August 22nd, 2008
    3:26 pm
    Don't mess with your library!

    We mean business.

    Current Mood: amused
    10:42 am
    Oooh, Pirates....
    Don't forget Talk Like a Pirate day on September 19th! What in the world is she talking about??

    ….. and apparently my ship name, according to another generator is:
    “The Pride of the Wolf”

    Ok, random silliness done for now.... you may go back to your daily routine.

    Current Mood: calm
    Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
    5:35 pm
    Wait... what state are we in again?
    Yes, GenCon was this weekend. No, i didn't get to go. All this crazy excitement about being able to make it to GenCon finally because I'm living in Indy, and then a more important event took precedence.

    Where did we go instead of GenCon? We went to Pennsylvania. Why?Collapse )

    So, the other reason I'm posting is a sweet little thing that occurred this evening. I got back to work from my lunch break and was promptly informed that I had 'guests' who were here to visit me. For the life of me I couldn't figure out who that might be.....

    My co-worker pointed them out to me, and it wasn't until I was halfway over to where they were standing that I realized who they were. One of the families from the storytimes I'd been doing at my old job had stopped by to visit me. They had come down for other reasons, but when they realized they'd be near where I was working, they decided to stop by and say hi! In fact, I understand the younger of the two children was pretty insistent on it! And, much to my amusement, the children apparently refer to the last library as 'Miss Jo's Library' instead of it's proper name. Now how sweet is that?? Those are the sort of events that really make my day. Heck, they make the whole week for me... :)

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    Thursday, August 14th, 2008
    4:10 pm
    Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
    5:59 pm
    Surfing again...
    So, just curious if any of you ladies out there have poked at iVillage at all? I ignored it for the longest time, but now I'm re-thinking. Well, ok, i'm not sure whether what i'm poking at is iVillage or if it's a separate entity called "Healthy Living Online" that i just happened to find through iVillage. It's got a couple journals that are beginning to interest me. One is a Nutrition Journal and one is an Exercise Journal. (Yeah, for those of you who haven't noticed, i've gained all the weight back that I lost right after college... plus some. And this is me looking for how to lose that weight again. Yippee for see-sawing. Anyone in the Indy area need an exercise buddy??)

    Anyhow, the food journal is letting me track my calorie intake (among other things)... and if a food isn't on their list, it'll let me add my own entry. They set up a meal plan for you, too, if you need something to follow. Right now i'm just entering in the meals I eat on a daily basis to see what sort of calorie intake i have. It's downright scary, now that i'm seeing it in print.

    The exercise section actually sets up a plan based on the criteria you give and then helps you track your progress. It also offers descriptions of each exercise (aerobic or strength training) that it suggests you try on any given day.

    Has anyone out there used these at all? What did you think of them, if you did? I'm toying with them for now... we'll see if i can keep up with it.

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    Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
    10:50 pm
    Gimme more, I c'n take it!
    So, for all I did this weekend, i'm not nearly as sore as I would have expected to be. Hm.

    We are the Weekend Warriors Once MoreCollapse )

    The long and short of it is... 5 tons of concrete, 14 miles of trail, and .... somehow I'm not sore? Someone explain that to me?? I mean, I know I'm still out of shape....

    Anyhow. So I'm back in Indy, missing Beo once more. I can't wait 'till he can move down here with me. It already feels like forever since I've seen him... even though I woke up next to him just yesterday.

    Current Mood: calm
    Friday, July 25th, 2008
    2:34 pm
    I'm official!
    It's official. I am now a member of the AWT Public Library team. I just received my name tag! Silly to get excited over such a little thing, but it makes me feel officially part of the team now.

    Oh, the program I held today went off without a hitch, too... the kids loved it, the parents were impressed and wanted directions how to do it at home.

    Thanks to a blog I'd read a week or two ago, we did tie-dying with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol. It's a neat little trick and it's sooooo much cleaner than using the five gallon buckets of individual color in the side yard... that would be impossible with the 19 first thru fourth graders I had attending!

    It was a huge success... and after cleaning up I came back to find my new name tag waiting for me on my desk! Thus far, this has been a great day.

    ... Best of all, though, is the knowledge that Beo will be joining me down here tomorrow. I can't hardly wait!

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Monday, July 21st, 2008
    2:18 pm
    Swappin' Interests...
    The long and short of it is that the internet has given me one more addiction:

    Swap-Bot is a website dedicated to helping people find other people with whom to swap things. Most swaps are craft-related in some way shape or form, but not all. The Coordinator of a swap describes what the swap will involve (examples: fabric squares, ATCs, holiday decorations, penpal letters) and lists the deadlines for signing up and sending results. Then the swap is posted to the main list and people can sign up if the description interests them. Once partners are assigned, items can be dropped in the mail all the way up to the final deadline. People all over the world participate in some of the swaps. I've already sent something to Spain, and I will be sending to Australia and the Netherlands in the near future. Some swaps are just for US/Canada due to the cost of shipping whatever is being swapped.

    Anyhow, my crafty nature has fully addicted me to Swap-Bot. Not to mention the fact that its a lot of fun to receive snail-mail that's not a bill or an advertisement of some sort.

    Now I'm off to create a few ATCs for a future swap. Just finished my Mini Jar of Whimsies, and I need to start collecting the items for the D&D swap since that deadline is rapidly approaching, too.

    Oh, by the way, if you come looking for me on there, my name is Straylight... come swap with me!

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    Sunday, July 20th, 2008
    8:00 am
    Fallen off the End of the Earth...
    Yeah, I did sort of fall of the end of the earth.


    On a whim, logged in today and realized my last post was in December. Yyyyeowch. There's a lot that's happened since then. You can tell I'm not real good at journaling. Let's see if I can change that around.

    Here's a question for any of you who might actually read this... What's your favorite cover song? What's your favorite song performed by an artist other than the original? For example, maybe you really like 'Turn the Page' by Metallica. Or perhaps you prefer something like 'Paint it Black' by Deadsy. Or even 'Train kept a Rollin' by Aerosmith. There are all sorts of cover songs out there... which is your favorite? I'll explain why I'm asking eventually.

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    Friday, December 7th, 2007
    1:21 pm
    Ok, ok, I know I don't pay hardly any attention to LJ anymore. My bad. But when I saw this video, I simply had to post it somewhere... and I thought you might get a laugh out of it. I sure did.

    Innit cute??

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    Friday, October 26th, 2007
    10:53 am
    Life, this part of the Universe, and not-quite-Everything...
    Life, this part of the Universe, and not-quite-Everything...
    (but the answer to this one is 23, not 42!)

    Ok, so i've done a good deal of stuff since last we spoke, Dear Blog.

    I've attended two different Renaissance Festivals, one in Ohio, one in Indiana. Got some neat little goodies. I went to X-Fest where I saw Smashing Pumpkins in concert for the first time (the show was slow, but the music was ok... still like their old stuff best)... found out i really like Fuel, too. Got pushed around in some pits, crushed by overenthusiastic crowd-surfers, nearly lost my voice, and went home with a smile on my face. Went to a party or two... including a surprise one to celebrate my mother-in-law's 60th. Helped a couple friends move to a new apt. Found two new crafts to occupy my time. Found a Fall Swap in which to participate. I finally started an IRA. I've been looking in to mutual funds as well. Realized that house-hunting will be starting much sooner than I thought. In the late winter, to be more specific. Me? Plan for the future? That's a 'grown up' thing! OMG what happened to me??

    And the latest... i've spent the last few days preparing for Halloween, of course. And after the party i'm departing for NC to visit my sister and brother-in-law who are about to make me an aunt for the first time!

    Halloween. We found awesome and easy instructions to create our own holographic illusions. Unfortunately, we don't have the time or space to put one up this year. It's DEFINITELY been added to our bag-o-tricks for the future, though. We also picked up a fog machine... one of the 1000watt ones (the ones you find in the store are typically 400watt). Fog juice is not cheap, since we're buying same-brand to insure no burning will occur, but it should blanket the forest floor around the cabin nicely (we're hoping.) I'm still trying to convince Beo that we should pick up a 'spider-webber' as well, but they're $50 a pop for something we might be able to rig up at home. It's basically a glue-gun with an air-compressor attachment. I'm wondering if we could just duct-tape an air compressor nozzle to the underside of a glue-gun and get a similar result. Maybe with some minor modifications...

    Anyhow, if anyone else knows any fun or intriguing halloween decorating tips/tricks/recipes... feel free to pass them on. We may have to start a notebook of them eventually, just so none of them get lost.

    And if you're wondering - why yes... yes we DO go all-out for halloween.

    Mmmh, i spoiled myself on the way in to work today and got a hot chocolate at a local Panera. Nothing like a hot chocolate on a cold morning. :) Yay for Fall!!

    Well, work demands my attention for now. Hope to see you this weekend!

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    Friday, October 5th, 2007
    3:40 pm
    Brave or Stupid?
    I'm bein' brave (or stupid?) and opting into a Fall Swap I ran across courtesy of Craft Magazine's RSS listings.

    For all you crafters out there, check it out: Fall Crafters Swap

    I'm really curious as to what this'll entail...

    Current Mood: curious
    Monday, September 17th, 2007
    3:03 pm
    My weekend, in 10 words or less...
    Ok, i lied. It'd take a lot more than 10 words to talk about my weekend. I'll try to keep it brief, though.

    This weekend was 'Pirates Weekend' at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We took a group of 7 people, plus one child (LC and Laura, Adam, Corby, Erik, Beo and I... and LC&Laura's son James) this year, which is a good number for us. Coordinating was once more a madhouse as it was decided first we were going on Saturday as we had previous years, then we decided Sunday sounded better, and the day before we left, we decided that Saturday really was the better day... gah. We went Saturday.

    This means that Corby found his way down to my house around midnight on Friday. We loaded the car with all our stuff, waited for Beo to get home from work and loaded his stuff while he took a shower. Then we all piled into the car and headed to Indy. Around 4:30 or 5 in the morning we got to LC&Laura's... crashed on their pull-out bed in the living room. Got back up at 7, ate breakfast, loaded their stuff, and hit the road from Indy to the Festival.

    At the festival, we geared up with barely the basics this year. Beo was the most-appropriately dressed of all of us, and he was still wearing jeans. I wore my cloak, but little else that looked to be of a 'renaissance fashion'...

    Of the shows, we saw part of the Swordsmen show, the Mudde Show ("Dante's Inferno"... once more this year we missed "Beowulf", much to Beo's dismay), the Human Chess Match, Jousting (of course), and bits and pieces of a number of other shows, including the pub sing at the end of the day. I still love the music!

    In the rush, i missed the axe/knife throwing, but seeing as we have the prep for our own target setup at home (and the weaponry to use on it), I'm not too concerned about that. Hopes are, we'll have the target up before the Halloween party. Dunno yet if this is a smart thing or not. ;)

    Got to see wonderful costumes again this year. Corby took lots of pictures. I think I might try to make myself a secondary outfit (one that's a little less delicate than my current one). Beo feels our current outfits are 'too flashy'... which i found a bit amusing, but maybe we can tone things down for him some.

    There was one interesting occurrence while we were at the renfest (ok, so there were lots... this was just particularly notable, i felt.) I was walking down one of the side streets when I heard a familiar voice. Looked up to see Jason... whom i haven't seen in... well, probably years at this point. Shortly thereafter Sean, his wife, and Jason's current gf showed up. Greetings and introductions were passed around. Apparently they'd managed to come to the renfestival on the same weekend that we had. It was nice to see them, though the suddenness of it surprised me enough that my shyness kicked in... i mean, i hadn't seen Jason or Sean in years, and i didn't know their friends/family at all. So, unfortunately, there wasn't much of a conversation beyond the very basic essentials. Hm. Well, if it can happen once, it could happen again. Who knows. If you're feeling brave and want an earful, ask me about it sometime.

    Anyhow... This trip i picked up a beautiful little celtic-knot sterling silver necklace from the Uncommon Adornments stand. I'm really thrilled with it! I also found a version of Nine Men's Morris at the Griffin Works booth (another yearly favorite), where they have such lovely leather items on sale. We got Beo a 'rogues hat,' which i am now trying to steal from him because I like it so much... ;) There were lots of other little trinkets we picked up along the way as well... as always.

    After the day of festivities, shows, hard cider, meade, and whatever else we chose to partake in, we left with a sigh. It never is fun leaving... there's always so much we didn't manage to see this year! But there was a rousing nerf-gun fight in the parking lot before we made our way in to town to eat dinner at Damon's.

    After dinner, we were all feeling worn out. We went to Brenda's (with only 2 missed turns), and crashed in her spare apartment.

    Sunday we visited with her for a while, she fed us a wonderfully tasty breakfast, then we headed back to Indy where we spent the day visiting friends and family before heading home. Bedtime Sunday night ended up being 2:30 in the morning. Much later than originally intended, but survivable. ;)

    All in all, a satisfying weekend.

    Next weekend up...? The CYPD meeting in Bloomington. Should be interesting...

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